Welcome to Corneria

Hello all who come, I am Chist, owner of this blog, and amateur writer. This is where I will be publishing most of my writing, be it amateur journalism, short stories I want to get out of my head, or entries into the web novel I plan to write here, Ackland. I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to grow as a writer, and with luck, an eventual source of income, so if you have criticisms or tips on my writing, you’re more than welcome to leave them in the comments of any post for me to reflect on.

The main focus of this blog, as was briefly mentioned, will be my web novel, Ackland, a story of action and fantasy. Ackland follows the path a young mage takes as he goes from a talented individual with a missing past, to standing at the pinnacle of magic power in his world. Look forward to the first installment on June 22nd, with weekly to biweekly installments on Mondays.

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